About Dogtor Box


Born from Passion

After several years of talking, planning, and development, Dogtor Box is finally here and ready to change the lives of your furry friends by providing the highest-quality health supplements available. Dogtor Box was created by a group of passionate dog owners who wanted something better for their beloved companions. Using only the best ingredients and products designed and developed by dog experts, professionals, and veterinarians, we're here to help every dog live a happy and healthy life. 

Meet the Team

Jason and Suphattra Fry

Jason and his wife Suphattra love to travel, love being silly, and having a good time, but most of all they love their four dogs Sergeant, Tica, Maxx and Majik.

Cody and Chelsea Oelker

Cody and Chelsea, and their daughter Collins, absolutely love their pets and enjoy spending every day with them. Their pets are family and act as siblings to Collins. Their dogs are Casey (Pitbull), Charlie (French Bulldog), and Carly (Corgi).


Why Dogtor Box?

The Dogtor Box team consists of a small team of dog pros with real-world knowledge and experience taking care of pups so you can rest assured they will treat your dog as if it were their own. We're small business owners, veterinarians, parents, husbands, and wives. Real people with a real mission to help every dog live a healthy, happy life. Our dogs are part of our family so, we get it, you only want the best for your fur baby and you'll get that with our delicious tasting, and healthy, treats and supplements.

We're so proud to be able to offer these products to everyone and we're so glad you've chosen Dogtor Box to support your dog's health.